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last updated: August 2021


Carlies Mol collects certain personal data by using the Site https://carliesmol.com and its subdomains. Including signing up for the newsletter, purchasing a product, getting in contact, commenting on an article, or requesting information for bookings or other information.

Carlies Mol is responsible for the processing of personal data. The processing of personal data will be done with the greatest care, as described in this Privacy- and Cookie Policy. The Privacy- and Cookie Policy provides information about how and why Carlies Mol collects and processes personal data by using the Site and how personal data is protected.

All gathered personal data will be handled according to the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’. This Privacy- and Cookie Policy should be read together with the Terms and Conditions.

The Privacy- and Cookie Policy can be changed from time to time because of developments in laws or developments on the Site. The Privacy- and Cookie Policy will always be presented in an up-to-date form on the Site.

Carlies Mol advises you to read the policy periodically. If changes will have direct consequences for the users of the Site, Carlies Mol will communicate these changes directly to them.

Carlies Mol has no intention to collect data from Clients younger than the age of 16 unless they have the permission of a parent or guardian. Carlies Mol is not able to control the Client’s age. Carlies Mol advises parents and/or guardians to be involved in the online activity of their children, to prevent any collecting and/or processing of personal data of children under the age of 16 without permission of the parent or guardian. Children who have obtained consent from their parent or guardian to use the Site have the same rights as adults over their personal data.

If you are convinced Carlies Mol has collected and processed personal data of children younger than the age of 16, send an email to info@carliesmol.com to erase this personal data.



Section 1              About

Section 2              Personal Data

                                    2.1          Purpose

                                    2.2          Storage

                                    2.3          Third Parties  

Section 3              Security

Section 4              Legal Rights

Section 5              Obligations

Section 6              Complains

Section 7              Cookies

                                    7.1          Carlies Mol uses ‘cookies’ for the following purposes

                                    7.2          Your choices regarding ‘cookies’

                                    7.3          More information



Section 1              About

Carlies Mol is a fine art photographer and political psychologist focussing on the relationships between Western- and Middle Eastern countries. Carlies Mol is the owner of the Site, located at:

Rhijnvis Feithstraat 9-II

1054TT Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Chamber of Commerce: 72515813

VAT number:  NL001738096B11


Mail: info@carliesmol.com


For any questions about the protection of private information, contact Carlies Mol.

This Privacy- and Cookie Policy is not applicable to third-party websites connected to the Site through links, social media plug-ins, or applications. Clicking on such links may allow third parties to collect your personal data. Carlies Mol is not responsible for third-party privacy policies. That means, Carlies Mol, gives no guarantees about the process of personal data of third parties.


Section 2              Personal Data

The Site collects personal data. Personal data are related to the person, so he or she could be identified. In order to provide services, or by visiting the site, Carlies Mol may collect, use, store and transfer personal data.

Carlies Mol processes personal data of the visitors of the Site when buying a product on the Site, subscribing to the newsletter, fulfilling the contact form, fulfilling a request, or leaving a comment. The personal data that are processed are:


Personal Data collected


Newsletter Email address


Contact form – first- and last name

– email address


Request information about Bookings – first and last name

– email address

– company name


in case of bookings:

– street address and number

– zip/ postal code

– town

– country

– telephone number

– VAT number

– Chamber of Commerce number

– payment details


Responding to Articles – name

– Gravatar


Buying a Print – first- and last name

– street address and number

– zip/ postal code

– town

– country

-email address

– telephone number

– company name

– payment details



2.1          Purposes

Carlies Mol only collects personal data that is needed and is in line according to the AVG and UAVG.

The following legal grounds rely on the processing of your personal data:

Performance of an agreement with the visitor and/ or client: Carlies Mol needs personal data to fulfill the client’s order at the Site, to contact the client for matters relating to the order, to inform the user about new content, to handle questions and requests and to manage the relationship with the client.

Necessary for legitimate interests: Carlies Mol needs personal data for research and development, for direct marketing purposes and to protect legal rights and interests.

Necessary to comply with legal obligations: Carlies Mol needs personal data to comply with legal obligations, and to keep the client updated on changes in the Terms and Conditions or Privacy- and Cookie Policy.


In detail, Carlies Mol collects personal data for the following purposes:




Newsletter – inform subscribers about photos, stories or news

– driving engagement between Carlies Mol and those interested in the content of Carlies Mol

– subscribing to the newsletter is only possible with explicit consent


Contact form – in order to respond correctly to messages


Request information about Bookings – in order to respond correctly to the client’s request, question or purpose

– or fulfill an agreement between Carlies Mol and the Client based on a booking



Responding to Articles – responding to articles is only possible with explicit consent


Buying a Print – Personal data will be used to fulfill the client’s order based on the agreement between Carlies Mol and the client

– registering as a customer will make the purpose easier and faster for the following purchase

– Carlies Mol will contact the client relating to the order if that is needed to fulfill the order with the optimal care




2.2          Storage

Personal Data will be stored by Carlies Mol as long as needed to fulfill the Client’s needs and obligations by law.

Subscribing to the newsletter and responding to articles is only possible with explicit consent from the visitor of the Site. The storage of personal data related to the newsletter and responding to articles will be unlimited available unless deleted by the visitor or Carlies Mol. Subscribers to the newsletter are able to unsubscribe at any given moment by clicking on the link in the newsletter.

All other personal data that is collected on the Site will be stored for seven (7) years in line with the instructions of the tax authority.


2.3          Third parties

Carlies Mol tries to process as much personal data as possible without third parties. However, Carlies Mol needs to provide personal data to certain third parties to optimize the agreement between the Client and Carlies Mol and for improvement of the Site.

The personal data collected by Carlies Mol are received and processed by the following third parties:

  • mail servers
  • payment systems
  • accountant
  • shipping service
  • hosting website
  • WordPress


Carlies Mol requires all third parties to respect the security of personal data and to treat it in accordance with the law.  All third parties are selected by Carlies Mol based on the maximum service to their clients.



Section 3              Security

Carlies Mol has technical and organizational security measures implemented to reduce the likelihood of misuse, loss and unwanted disclosure of, and unauthorized access to, personal data.

Access to your personal data is not available for unauthorized persons, only Carlies Mol is able to authorize access to personal data.

Carlies Mol has procedures in place to deal with personal data breaches and will make a notification of such breach when it is legally required to do so.



Section 4              Legal Rights

As a visitor of the Site, you have specific rights in the relationship to the processing of your personal data. Contact Carlies Mol in case you want to make use of any of those rights by sending an email to info@carliesmol.com

Insight, rectification, and erasing: visitors who left personal data on the Site have to know which data will be processed and have the right to request rectification and erasing.

Limitation of the processing: You have the right to request a limitation of the processing of your personal data. For example when the personal data is not correct anymore, or when the processing is not according to the laws.

Right of objection: You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. Carlies Mol doesn’t need your personal data in expectation of deciding the objection the Client has made. Be aware that not all services of the Site could be accomplished without the use of personal data.

Data transmitting:  You have the right to receive your personal data in a structured, common, and readable form. So that this is can be transited to another party, if you gave permission to process personal data and when the processing is done automatically.

Permission withdraws: Carlies Mol has collected personal data for a specific goal based on your permission, you are able to withdraw this submission any time you want.

Complains: If you have complaints about the processing of personal data by Carlies Mol, you have the right to complain at the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, see section 6 for more details.



Section 5      Obligations

Where Carlies Mol needs to collect personal data by law, or under the terms of an agreement with the Client and the Client fails to provide the requested data, Carlies Mol may not be able to perform the agreement we have or are trying to enter in with the Client. If this is the case, Carlies Mol may need to cancel the order you placed with us. Carlies Mol will notify you in this case.


Carlies Mol respects the right to inspect, correct or delete your personal data that is held. Be aware that in order to prevent fraud and misuse, Carlies Mol may need to request specific information from you to help Carlies Mol confirm your identity and ensure your right to access.


Section 6      Complains

Contact Carlies Mol for any concerns about personal data by sending an email to info@carliesmol.com.

Also, visitors of the Site have the right to make a complaint to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (APG), the Dutch supervisory authority for data protection issues https://autorieitpersoonsgegevens.nl


Section 7      Cookies

Carlies Mol uses ‘cookies’ on the Site. By visiting the Site and/or using the services provided by the Site, including subscribing to the newsletter and/or purchasing a Print(s) in the webshop, you consent to the use of cookies.

Carlies Mol also uses third-party cookies for analytical reasons.


The cookies policy as here described will explain the existence of cookies, how the Site may use cookies, the Clients choices regarding cookies, and further information containing cookies.



Cookies are small pieces of text that are stored on your computer which allows the website you visit or a third-party, to recognize you and make a next visit easier and the service more useful for you. Some of these ‘cookies’ are transmitted from a server you visit your system.


Cookies are never used to retrieve private data from your device or to detect passwords.


There are two types of cookies: ‘session cookies’ and ‘persistent cookies’. In most cases ‘cookies’ are ‘session cookies’, these ‘cookies’ are deleted as soon as the visitor closes the web browser.

‘Persistent cookies’ remain on your computer and allow web browsers to recognize your computer during your next visit. The cookies for analytical data are ‘persistent cookies’.



7.1      Carlies Mol uses ‘cookies’ for the following purposes:


  • Functionality of the Site: this includes the basic functions of the Site like navigation.
  • Performance of the Site: this includes remember the username, contents of your shopping cart, and login data
  • Protect the Site from viruses and other malware that could damage the Site
  • To provide analytics: as part of the Google Analytics service, Google places ‘cookies’ on the Site. Carlies Mol uses Google Analytics to monitor and improve the service of the Site. Google has its own privacy policy, read it Note that information is transferred and saved by the own servers of Google and is not in control of Carlies Mol.



7.2 You’re choices regarding ‘cookies’


Visit the privacy settings of your web browser to change the cookie settings of the Site and other websites.

Visit the help pages of your web browser for further information containing specific aspects of ‘cookies’ for your browser.


Please note that if you delete cookies or refuse to accept ‘cookies’ on the Site, you might not be able to use the Site efficiently and/ or may not store your preferences, and/ or you are not able to use all of the features Carlies Mol offers.




7.3 More information


Carlies Mol reserves the right to modify the Cookie policy. To stay up to date on the latest changes, Carlies Mol recommends consulting the Cookie policy regularly.

You can learn more about cookies and the following third-party websites: