The boy and the cat of Safed

Fine Art Photography

with dignity

Hi, my name is Carlies Mol,


I make fine art photos of daily life situations in Middle Eastern countries. All my work has one thing in common: it shows the dignity of people.


My work is for everyone. I want everyone to be attracted by the warm colors and design of the photos. And I wish that people will think about what they are seeing.


With love,


Iraq: the hidden life

Exposition Podium Mozaïek

Podium Mozaiek

May the 6th – June the 27th 2021


Happy to share that my photos are exposed in Podium Mozaïek in Amsterdam! Podium Mozaïek is a cultural center offering theater, movies, dance, education, and expositions. The international cafe/restaurant serves a variety of food and drinks.

The photos are visible in the restaurant from May the 6th until June the 27th.

Due to covid restrictions in the Netherlands, the exposition is visible on appointment only. Although a quick glimpse while sitting on the terrace is always possible. Contact Carlies Mol to make an appointment.


Adres Podium Mozaïek:

Bos en Lommerweg 191

1055 DT Amsterdam

or visit their website for more info: www.podiummozaiek.nl

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To begin, the title needs some explanation. I named the photo ‘Palestinians in Wonderland’ as

Palestinians in Wonderland

    Beste belangstellende,   Mijn naam is Carlies Mol. Ik maak fine art foto’s

KunstKamer Holland Huis

  The photo of a man making a selfie with the people in the swan

‘Selfie at the Lake’: Story Behind the Photo