The boy and the cat of Safed

Updates September and October 2021

  • On Sunday the 26th of September my work will be presented at the Rembrandt Art Market at the Rembrandt square in Amsterdam. The market gives you the opportunity to see a selection of framed fine art and buy artwork without delivery costs. The market starts at 10.30. Make sure you come on time when most artworks are available. See for more information: www.rembrandtartmarket.nl


  • On another note: I will be making new photos in Lebanon in the first weeks of October. Orders in the webshop between 29 September and 18 October will be processed from the 19th of October. Follow my travels to Lebanon on Instagram: www.instagram.com/carliesm1

Fine Art Photography

with dignity

Hi, my name is Carlies Mol,


I make fine art photos of daily life situations in Middle Eastern countries. All my work has one thing in common: it shows the dignity of people.


My work is for everyone. I want everyone to be attracted by the warm colors and design of the photos. And I wish that people will think about what they are seeing.


With love,


Iraq: the hidden life

Fine Art for your Home

Wall Art Unframed

Framed Art

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  Whenever I say that I make fine art photos of Middle Eastern countries, people

Photographing in conflicts

  What you see are minimal colors and silhouettes. A view that would be green

Eternal Light; the story behind the photo

  The photo above is made in Tsfat, Israel. In the photo are three orthodox

Asking permission to photograph