Whenever I say that I make fine art photos of Middle Eastern countries, people

Photographing in conflicts

  What you see are minimal colors and silhouettes. A view that would be green

Eternal Light; the story behind the photo

  The photo above is made in Tsfat, Israel. In the photo are three orthodox

Asking permission to photograph

Did you ever meet someone who had a severe chronic disease, invisible from the outside?

First time photographing in Lebanon

To begin, the title needs some explanation. I named the photo ‘Palestinians in Wonderland’ as

Palestinians in Wonderland

    Beste belangstellende,   Mijn naam is Carlies Mol. Ik maak fine art foto’s

KunstKamer Holland Huis

  The photo of a man making a selfie with the people in the swan

‘Selfie at the Lake’: Story Behind the Photo

  Before I answer this question, let me tell you this. My very first exhibition

Most heard question: have you been to Iran?

  After some nerve-racking days, Joe Biden will be the US next president. It’s an

Biden and Iran: the start of international business?

France is shocked after a relatively quiet period without acts of terrorism. The recent stabbings

Terrorism in France: politics in the name of religion

“The boy and the cat are photographed in Safed, Israel in October 2018. “

The boy and the cat of Safed