Understanding the headlines


How and why people behave the way they do is always my central point. With this psychological mindset, I unravel the relations between Western- and Middle Eastern countries.

My goal is to make complexity understandable for everyone and to let people think critically about things they have taken for granted.

I want everyone to make sense about what they see and read in the news. And as a consequence, feel less threatened and more empowered.

Carlies Mol



My knowledge is specified in the topics explained below. For alternatives contact me by email: info@carliesmol.com

General basics:

  • I describe and I explain. Always constructive and non-judgemental
  • knowledge is based on master degrees in Psychology and Middle Eastern studies, years of social work and travels to many Middle Eastern countries
  • scientific knowledge is translated into everyday language
  • recent examples will be used to make the material accessible
  • presentations are customized and applied to the starting position of the audience
  • presentations can be done in Dutch or English

Current Topics

Terrorism and Manipulation

Terrorism –or the threat of terrorism- has an impact on the collective behaviour of a society. The systematic and deliberate violence of terrorism causes among others fear, avoidance and stereotyping. How does terrorism shape a society and how can a society deal with this?

relationships Iran and the West


Iran is for many, one of the most intriguing countries in the Middle East. Frequently part of the news but little understood, still interesting to so many. Underneath the Islamic politics, there’s a vibrant society that’s little visible from the outside. What are the main things to know and what are the international business opportunities with this country?