Woman Mashad

Sent an email to info@carliesmol.com if your question is not answered below

Are all photos for sale?

No, not all photos on the site are for sale. The photos in the webshop are for sale. Some photos in the galleries are for sale on request. Send an email to info@carliesmol.com if you have a request for a photo.

Is there a political message in the photos?

No. All photos are based on observations in the daily life of the people being photographed. The photos are descriptive and never judgemental.

Can I copy a photo of Carlies Mol for my own use?

No, Carlies Mol owns all the rights of the photos showed on the website, social media or during expositions. None of the photos can be used without permission.

Do you print photos on glass, dibond or other materials?

Yes. Contact Carlies Mol if you want a photo to be printed on any specific materials.

Can the photo be printed in alternative sizes?

Yes, alternative sizes are available on request.  Of course, depending on the size and quality of the photo.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are depending on the country of the shipping address. All photos will be shipped from the Netherlands. See Shipping Costs and Delivery Time for the shipping price.

Where are the shipping costs based on?

The prints will be shipped with insurance to remain the highest quality and prevent any damage. The insurance will add addicional costs upon the regular shipping costs. All costs displayed in on the Shipping costs and Delivery time page are included with insurance.

Do you ship to every country?

Yes, we try to ship to every country possible. Unfortunately local embargos or regulations can affect the delivery proces negatively. Contact Carlies Mol to make sure the order can be shipped to your address.

When will my package be delivered?

The time until delivery will depend on the country of the shipping address. All packages will be sent with the greatest care including insurance. Carlies Mol ships from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The timetable at the Shipping costs and delivery time page shows the maximum days of delivery time.

Do you allow returns?

Yes, returns are possible within 14 working days past delivery.

Does the Coronavirus affect the shipping proces?

There might be a delay in the delivery time because of the Coronavirus. This is all depending on the country of shipping to and the situation of the virus.