I describe and I explain, constructive and non-judgemental.  

My presentations include topics that define the relations between Western and Middle Eastern countries, based on a political psychological perspective.

My intention is to make complexity understandable for everyone and to let people think critically about things they have taken for granted for a long time.

I have profound knowledge of the topics I speak about, based on master degrees in Psychology and Middle Eastern studies, 13 years of working experience with complex human behaviour and multiple journeys to Middle Eastern countries.

Speaking content


The aim of every speaking opportunity is to give a constructive understanding of political topics that define the relationships between Western and Middle Eastern countries.

In my presentations I unravel complicated topics into understandable and practical material; scientific knowledge is translated in everyday language. I use headlines and everyday examples to make the material accessible.

All presentations are customized and applied to the starting position of the audience. Presentations can be done in Dutch or English.

Terrorism and Manipulation

Terrorism –or the threat of terrorism- has an impact on the collective behaviour of a society. The systematic and deliberate violence of terrorism causes among others fear, avoidance and stereotyping. How does terrorism shape a society and how can a society deal with this?


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