Eternal Light; the story behind the photo

Eternal Light


What you see are minimal colors and silhouettes. A view that would be green and pale in daylight. Another mountain view of a small Middle Eastern country, known for its religious diversity. No persons are photographed, yet you see the living parts of society in this photo. ‘Eternal Light’ is made 35 km outside of Beirut in Lebanon. The last glimpses of daylight fade away behind the mountains, the cross of the monastery lightens up. Trees become silhouettes. A warm mystery scene is the end result.



The making of


‘Eternal Light’ is made at an unexpected moment. While staying in a hotel in the little village Hamada, my friend and I sat outside. The hotel overlooked a beautiful valley of trees, unfolding like a green carpet over the mountain slopes. We watched the sun going down making spectacular colors in the sky. The photo was made when the sun was already gone but the last rays of light were still in the air. The monastery’s cross lighted up in the dark. For a short moment the cross, the mountain, and the light were in harmony. Together they looked warm and mysterious. A totally different scene compared to daylight. ‘Eternal Light’ was born.



The light


The central parts of this photo are definitely the lights. Sunsets are always spectacular, in every place in the world. What I love about Middle Eastern countries is the blue tone of the light after sunset. While the sunset itself gives more ‘romantic’ light, the blue light after sunset has a kind of ‘mystery’ tone. I love to photograph at this moment. See Evening Magic in Tehran and Blue Hour in Erbil for more moments like this. ‘Eternal Light’ is another example of blue light after sunset.

Another meaning of the light comes from the cross. The white light of the cross symbolizes the light religion could give to the life of a person. A crucial aspect in many people’s lives in Lebanon and people all over the world. The light is symbolic in this way. Like daylight, it’s always there, an eternal dimension of the history of mankind.


Prints of ‘Eternal Light’ are available in the webshop.

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