Carlies Mol

My Story


Photography has always been part of my life. Although I had a small camera as a kid, photography became real after staying in Bogota, Colombia for a couple of months at the age of 20. I became addicted to photographing everything around me in such a beautiful way that my friends and family back home would understand the reason why I went. That succeeded.

In the following years, photography became my way of expressing my social interest and creativity. I went to places that aren’t known as tourist destinations. Always driven by curiosity. Always with nothing more than my camera. And always focusing on daily life situations. Above all, I want to show the ordinary way of life with my photos, in which people all over the world can identify with. In the years, my camera became my way to see the world around me.  

I grew up in a Dutch village and went to nursery school at an early age. After graduation, the Colombian adventure started. Back home, I took the radical step to move to Amsterdam and begin a new life in the capital.   

I started working as a nurse in mental health care and began studying Psychology at the University. Intense years of working, studying, and building up a new life in Amsterdam followed. The curiosity about what is happening in the world was deeper than the security of a career in the health care system. As a result, I decided to study Middle Eastern studies instead of a specialization in mental health care. Resulting in a second master’s degree.

My Work


I’m a strong believer in constructive information giving. Therefore my aim is to show and explain the relations between Western and Middle Eastern countries in a constructive way, based on the psychology of political behavior. My intention is to show a human-based perspective by photography and explanation in written and spoken language. A perspective based on the dignity of every political, cultural, or religious point of view.

I hope I can make people think critically about the things that are mostly taken for granted.


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